Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY Felt Flower Headband

Happy Thursday everyone!  I thought it would be fun to do a very photo full, how-to on my newest etsy listing.  A multi layered big felt flower baby/toddler headband, although you could skip the baby/toddler part and make it just for you!

We are going to start with these flowers. Print them and cut them out. You are going to need to print 2 different sized sheets and cut out 5 of them (not all 6).

Pick out your pieces of felt

When you have all your flower shapes ready
Lucky me, hubby cut some out of balsa wood for me <3

 Trace them all (I use chalk, incase I mess up, which is regularly lol)

 Cut them all out
Layer the flowers, trying to keep the centers in the same spot and changing up where the "petals" lay
Pick your favorite button, and matching embroidery floss.  Sew the button into the center of your flower arrangement
Trace and cut the largest flower in coordinating cotton fabric
Pick out a baby/toddler (or you) sized headband
I like to cover the sewn part, so I place the flower over it and glue the band and flower together with a hot glue gun

Place your fabric flower over top of the band and match it up with the felt
Get out your needle and embroidery floss and hand stitch around the large flower, sewing together the large felt and fabric flowers

Now you are done! Wear it, mail it, show it off!

I am off to get a fresh cup of java from the market, I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely fall afternoon <3

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