Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday was the annual fall fundraiser for our local elementary school. Pumpkin patch, corn make, pony rides, hay rides, all the fun stuff that comes along with fall! The kiddies had a blast! We convinced Grandpa to come with us, which of course was like twisting his rubber arm!  Bella held his hand almost the entire time and only let go to chase the bubbles, so Damien ran in quickly to take his turn. They picked their own pumpkins, wanting the biggest they could find, but told only what they can carry. Here are some pictures of our fun!!!!

As you can see it was a blast and such a gorgeous day out too!  When we got home they all put their pumpkins in the middle of the table and then proceeded to ask why they didn't have faces?! Apparently pumpkins are supposed to just come with faces when you get them from the pumpkin patch. Josh will do anything to avoid touching the "GUTS" ewwwwww he says! Then we have little miss Bella who would play with those "GUTS" for hours. Hours I tell you! And giggle like mad while doing so.

Well, kids are in bed, daddy is out for a bit and I have a nice peaceful house, amazing and very unheard of I know! I am off to take advantage of it, time for a nice hot cup of chamomile/lavender tea by the fire with an addicting book and cozy blanket wrapped around me <3

Good Night all!

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  1. Look's like lots of fun. I am sad we missed it... Which "addicting " book are you on to now? LOL