Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy

Wow, what a busy week we have had! My mama and sister flew in from Calgary last week and that has meant very little time spent at home. We walked the beach, went to the water falls just down the road from our house,

 wandered around our famous "Goats On The Roof" market

where we were NOT allowed to leave without a horsey ride!
It doesn't matter how many times they go on such a ride their level of amazement and amusement never changes. I can't say no, knowing I get to see their special little looks for the rest of the afternoon! Could you say no to such sweetness?????
I didn't think so!

 There were family dinners and dinners of 15 with a 28lb salmon
This giant fish was swimming in my bath tub until we were ready to cook it, if only we had thought to video tape the shenanigans! What a mess! 
Wet fish = Slippery fish = Fish on the floor = Smelly house!
Like I said, LOTS of fun!

As I was carrying the tinfoil wrapped fish out to the BBQ, my niece asks me oh so innocently "What's that Aunty?" I reply with "Our dinner!", she then says so sweetly "You mean the fishy that was swimming in the bath??? I don't think I want that!" 

The  Part that really makes you wish you were here though is my gigantic.......



Sweet Sweet

Stop thinking so dirty! Remember my addiction? Yes that's right, it is coffee!
Lovely, beautiful, wonderfully, sweet and oh so addicting, coffee, and I got a 5lb bag of heaven!

This is seriously the best coffee I have ever had (hence the 5lb bag purchase). It is flavoured with a hint of caramel and it smells so good brewing away in my little kitchen! The best part is it is actually roasted just down the road. They even gave me a discount for packing my monsters up and heading out for an exploratory walk down the road to end up in their shop. I couldn't just walk by! My nose led me straight to the coffee!

Now Josh is insisting that I come and see all the cool books in his very first book order! Very exciting stuff! I forgot how cool all the books in those things were!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lifes Lovely's

We are having a celebration of life for my grandmother tomorrow, so I spent the week going through pictures and old slides. Oh my what a job! But as I was going through them I found so many little treasures.  My favorite is one of my grandparents from when my mom was a little girl. I love it so much I can't not share it!

Can you feel the love just radiating off of them? Such a romantic, yet simple picture and worth a thousand words to me. 

The rest of my so called "spare time" this week was spent finishing off a knit tutu dress

Which you can now custom order here, and the rest was spent making a basket full of needle felted hair clips

I am hoping to have a handful up in my etsy shop by the end of this weekend.  Damien sat with me in my cluttered little craft corner and helped me pick out what buttons to put on what flowers and what felties to attach to this clip or that clip. I love how much all of my babes are into crafts! Bella sits at the table with me with her own sewing machine and pushes through her little scraps of felt or fabric, Damien decides what colours and shapes we will use and Josh has so many wonderful ideas floating around in that little head of his and he loves to see them come to life! They make being a crafty mama so much easier and so much more fun, because they can be involved in it all too.

Now my coffee pot is so lovely beeping "drink me now", so I am off to have my afternoon cup and pack a bag (or 6) as we are off to grandpas for the night so we are all ready for tomorrow.

I want to leave everyone with a quick little reminder to join Coupon Mommy of 3 tomorrow at 2pm est for a flash giveaway in which we hope to be offering a giveaway for. I participated in her last flash giveaway and it was so much fun! Even if you don't win anything the game is worth your time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here it goes........

I have decided to give in and start a blog. We have family everywhere that we rarely talk to, most can't handle the screams that are always coming from the kiddos the second that the phone rings, but they still want to know what we are up to and see pictures of the family. This may be a great solution! All of the goodness of our life with out actually listening to all the chaos on our side (never mind being able to laugh at us without actually having us hear you)! I am also thinking that this will be a good way for me to take some time out with a nice hot cup of coffee and breathe!

So lets start here....
 2 weeks ago Scott brings home the mail, in it is a letter from Josh's school. I think oh right! my baby is 5, that means he goes to that big kid school down the road. Then I cry a few tears remembering when he was so tiny and no where near school age. Then I start to get excited, a morning with only 2 kiddos!? Hey that sounds kinda nice! I open the letter and as I read on it says he starts on wednesday from 8:10 until 10:20 and my reaction goes back to the first! What do you mean only 2 hours??? I thought this was a whole morning kind of thing! So I phone the school thinking well this must be just for the one start day, but no, the secretary assures me it is an everyday thing. Now I'm sad again, after all that excitement, no fair! I have to get 3 kids fed, dressed and out the door even before we would normally be awake (yes even the kids like to sleep to about 8:30/9:00), then come home for an hour and a half and then back out the door to get him again. And ofcourse the day before he starts Scott gets a call, he starts his new job the same day! Very exciting news, but a little bit hard for me as this means that after having his help with everything for so long I know have to test it out all on my own and on our boys first day of school at that!

Here he is all ready and excited for his first day of kindergarten!
Typical me, I was almost late to pick him up on the first day! Bad mama right here! So far it has been alot better than I thought it would be. Josh loves school and is excited to go (who thought not being able to go to school was a punishment?). Damien and Bella, who are normally rivals, actually play and share and get along during our mornings! Today we played with playdoh for the whole morning and there were no screams at all! Amazing really!

Now I hear my dryer singing it's "Come fold me" tune, the oven chirping "bake me" and best of all my coffee pot so lovely beeping "drink me now" How can I refuse that?

So I will leave now with hopes that soon you will follow me and want to know all about our lovely messy wonderful family <3