Sunday, October 24, 2010

Surprise Mail Love

The best kind of mail is the packages that you aren't expecting! If you are waiting for them they never seem to come and then you find yourself checking the mail everyday hoping that today is the day and when you open that little grey box to see nothing (or worse BILLS), you get sad and disappointed. Last week we came home to find a brown package waiting for us. The kids seemed to know it was for them (they always are) and right away guessed it was from grandpa & grandma! Right they were! Josh announced that "grandpa & grandma always send the best presents, we HAVE to open it right NOW!" Damien jumped up and down and Bella, well.... Bella squealed and squealed and....... yup, that's right! Squealed! When I got my hearing back we opened the box and hands were flying in and out of the box like crazy. Then it was "This is for me! No that's mine!!!!!"

We eventually got it all sorted out and everyone was quite pleased with there surprise stash of presents!
Now, I know you want to see what they were so excited about so here is their picture show and tell!!!!!!

TINKERBELL!!!!!!!  How exciting! And this girl is a smaller version of her mama! Clothes and shoes and tinkerbell = heaven!

 "Jibbies" are on the top of the list! Again like her mama and if she could live in pj's, she would!
The boys each got a glow in the dark Halloween shirts. VERY exciting!
They decided that they were going to wear them to bed, but they need to be charged to glow! 
So I finish putting Bella to bed and come out to them laying on the floor in the hallway, under the bright lights, trying to wait for them to be "full of power"!
How cute (and smart) is that!? 

These happen to be a highlight of all packages from grandpa & grandma! Gorgeous little Thomas the Train story books! Usually the pick for before bed stories!

Have you received any packages lately? Who gets the most in your household?
Thus ends this wonderful nights post! I am off to play "I win" with the family! Nice hot cup of tea and family fun by the fire is one of my favorite things to do!

Goodnight all!!!!

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