Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy

Wow, what a busy week we have had! My mama and sister flew in from Calgary last week and that has meant very little time spent at home. We walked the beach, went to the water falls just down the road from our house,

 wandered around our famous "Goats On The Roof" market

where we were NOT allowed to leave without a horsey ride!
It doesn't matter how many times they go on such a ride their level of amazement and amusement never changes. I can't say no, knowing I get to see their special little looks for the rest of the afternoon! Could you say no to such sweetness?????
I didn't think so!

 There were family dinners and dinners of 15 with a 28lb salmon
This giant fish was swimming in my bath tub until we were ready to cook it, if only we had thought to video tape the shenanigans! What a mess! 
Wet fish = Slippery fish = Fish on the floor = Smelly house!
Like I said, LOTS of fun!

As I was carrying the tinfoil wrapped fish out to the BBQ, my niece asks me oh so innocently "What's that Aunty?" I reply with "Our dinner!", she then says so sweetly "You mean the fishy that was swimming in the bath??? I don't think I want that!" 

The  Part that really makes you wish you were here though is my gigantic.......



Sweet Sweet

Stop thinking so dirty! Remember my addiction? Yes that's right, it is coffee!
Lovely, beautiful, wonderfully, sweet and oh so addicting, coffee, and I got a 5lb bag of heaven!

This is seriously the best coffee I have ever had (hence the 5lb bag purchase). It is flavoured with a hint of caramel and it smells so good brewing away in my little kitchen! The best part is it is actually roasted just down the road. They even gave me a discount for packing my monsters up and heading out for an exploratory walk down the road to end up in their shop. I couldn't just walk by! My nose led me straight to the coffee!

Now Josh is insisting that I come and see all the cool books in his very first book order! Very exciting stuff! I forgot how cool all the books in those things were!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. your life looks lovely..and I adore your part of the world!