Monday, September 13, 2010

Here it goes........

I have decided to give in and start a blog. We have family everywhere that we rarely talk to, most can't handle the screams that are always coming from the kiddos the second that the phone rings, but they still want to know what we are up to and see pictures of the family. This may be a great solution! All of the goodness of our life with out actually listening to all the chaos on our side (never mind being able to laugh at us without actually having us hear you)! I am also thinking that this will be a good way for me to take some time out with a nice hot cup of coffee and breathe!

So lets start here....
 2 weeks ago Scott brings home the mail, in it is a letter from Josh's school. I think oh right! my baby is 5, that means he goes to that big kid school down the road. Then I cry a few tears remembering when he was so tiny and no where near school age. Then I start to get excited, a morning with only 2 kiddos!? Hey that sounds kinda nice! I open the letter and as I read on it says he starts on wednesday from 8:10 until 10:20 and my reaction goes back to the first! What do you mean only 2 hours??? I thought this was a whole morning kind of thing! So I phone the school thinking well this must be just for the one start day, but no, the secretary assures me it is an everyday thing. Now I'm sad again, after all that excitement, no fair! I have to get 3 kids fed, dressed and out the door even before we would normally be awake (yes even the kids like to sleep to about 8:30/9:00), then come home for an hour and a half and then back out the door to get him again. And ofcourse the day before he starts Scott gets a call, he starts his new job the same day! Very exciting news, but a little bit hard for me as this means that after having his help with everything for so long I know have to test it out all on my own and on our boys first day of school at that!

Here he is all ready and excited for his first day of kindergarten!
Typical me, I was almost late to pick him up on the first day! Bad mama right here! So far it has been alot better than I thought it would be. Josh loves school and is excited to go (who thought not being able to go to school was a punishment?). Damien and Bella, who are normally rivals, actually play and share and get along during our mornings! Today we played with playdoh for the whole morning and there were no screams at all! Amazing really!

Now I hear my dryer singing it's "Come fold me" tune, the oven chirping "bake me" and best of all my coffee pot so lovely beeping "drink me now" How can I refuse that?

So I will leave now with hopes that soon you will follow me and want to know all about our lovely messy wonderful family <3


  1. Good for you to start a blog! I wish more of my family followed my blog. I hope you really enjoy it, good luck!!!

  2. I want one too!! lol... So awesome Briana! YES, i would like to know what goes on in your crazy world. Sometimes it is so hard to get the time to chat with now 5 crazy ones running around. Do you remember when we used to play boardgames and all we had was little Josh running around and Damien so small and snuggly? Where has the time gone!
    Im saving this page as a favorite so i can check in once and a while and i am going to figure out how to get one of my own started... I have LOTS to :o)


  3. Hi there Briana! Just wanted to let you know that I finished my chair redo, in case you want to stop back over. :)