Friday, September 17, 2010

Lifes Lovely's

We are having a celebration of life for my grandmother tomorrow, so I spent the week going through pictures and old slides. Oh my what a job! But as I was going through them I found so many little treasures.  My favorite is one of my grandparents from when my mom was a little girl. I love it so much I can't not share it!

Can you feel the love just radiating off of them? Such a romantic, yet simple picture and worth a thousand words to me. 

The rest of my so called "spare time" this week was spent finishing off a knit tutu dress

Which you can now custom order here, and the rest was spent making a basket full of needle felted hair clips

I am hoping to have a handful up in my etsy shop by the end of this weekend.  Damien sat with me in my cluttered little craft corner and helped me pick out what buttons to put on what flowers and what felties to attach to this clip or that clip. I love how much all of my babes are into crafts! Bella sits at the table with me with her own sewing machine and pushes through her little scraps of felt or fabric, Damien decides what colours and shapes we will use and Josh has so many wonderful ideas floating around in that little head of his and he loves to see them come to life! They make being a crafty mama so much easier and so much more fun, because they can be involved in it all too.

Now my coffee pot is so lovely beeping "drink me now", so I am off to have my afternoon cup and pack a bag (or 6) as we are off to grandpas for the night so we are all ready for tomorrow.

I want to leave everyone with a quick little reminder to join Coupon Mommy of 3 tomorrow at 2pm est for a flash giveaway in which we hope to be offering a giveaway for. I participated in her last flash giveaway and it was so much fun! Even if you don't win anything the game is worth your time!

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